Besòs Ring Axis

Eix Besòs Circular (Besòs Ring Axis). Industrial symbiosis


Badalona City Council, led by the “Badalona – prosperous and sustainable” Agency, through the municipal corporation Reactivació Badalona, S.A., is developing  the Eix Besòs Circular Project. The industrial symbiosis of two municipalities: Badalona and Sant Adrià de Besòs.

Industrial symbiosis is a powerful tool and a great aid when seeking to integrate the use of circular economies in our productive fabric. The aim is to improve the efficiency with which we use our corporate resources, thus helping us to contain costs and hone our competitive edge, by working with existing synergies (in any sector of business): exchanges of material, energy and water, sharing assets, logistic resources, knowhow and experience, etc..

The main goals of this supra-municipal project are:

1.    Disseminate the concept of circular economy through the industrial symbiosis in the business sector and the educational sector of the municipalities of Badalona and Sant Adrià de Besòs: It is expected to communicate the project to the maximum number of companies located between these two municipalities as well as to the education sector and the general public.

2.    Creation of a resource map through the analysis and compilation of company data, annual declarations of industrial waste (DARI), etc. A database will be available that manages the selected companies with all the available resources (materials, energy, water …), which allows to identify the industrial ecosystem present in the territory.

3.    Through the previous diagnosis already done, encourage collaboration between companies and exploring new business opportunities, in order to optimize and improve the efficiency of the use of resources.

4.    Creation of a pole of knowledge in the Besòs axis by means of a collaboration agreement with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), due to the proximity of the Diagonal-Besòs campus. It is intended that there is a transfer of knowledge and technology between the university and the productive fabric of the area, and also achieve the employability of young people with talent from this industrial fabric.

A circular economy generates economic benefits which make such activities as recycling and joint residual waste management viable. It also offers social (trade and retail, school associations, etc.) and environmental benefits. At the same time, it will help engender fresh economic activity, thus enhancing wealth and employment while making the management of our industrial estates viable.

eix besos circular badalona

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