Plan for the transformation of Badalona’s Industrial Estates

Badalona City Council, trough the municipal corporation Reactivació Badalona, S.A. is developing its Master Plan to redefine the Use and Strategy for the promotion and recruitment of companies for the Industrial Estates Can Ribó and Sud de Badalona. The main goals of said initiative are:

1.      Counteract the slow but steady loss of industry and the proliferation of low added value firms. Economic strategy.

2.      Draw in technology related firms to diversify current use and start up programmes to foster the competitiveness of existing companies, above all, industrial firms. Technology and knowledge strategy.

3.      Integrate the urban design of industrial estates with the urban structure of the city. Urban transformation.

4.      Develop a programme of social transformation for the surrounding districts, aligning the vocational training of the schools and colleges with the demand emerging from the firms in the industrial estates. Social transformation.


The Plan, as part of the economic strategy, prioritises three areas of activity: metal-mechanical, chemical-pharmaceutical and the creative and culture industrial sectors. Despite everything, we are clearly aware of the existing diversity of economic activity of our industrial estates and, in consequence, the plan also prioritises retaining the firms already established.

The idea of the technology and knowledge strategy is to foster an energy transition plan, seeking to move away from the current model of energy use. That means leaving the conventional model, with its use of fossil fuels, to focus on renewable energy sources, basically photovoltaic and thermal solar energy.

Finally, social transformation is to take the form of programmes aligned with different lines of action, such as: education, economic strategy, technology change, technology infrastructure and social transformation and urban planning.

It is a project which seeks to integrate and situate Badalona at the fore of models of dense, compact, mixed use cities, with public spaces articulating the urban fabric to create communities, meeting points for the general population, in combination with an environmentally friendly model of mobility.